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Animation of typing messages and viewing messages typed in the chat

JediDesk continues to improve the usability and effectiveness of chat for the site.
⭐️ Meet two new JediDesk features:

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Animation of a set of messages

🤔 How it works:

When your customer writes a message in the chat via the widget, you will see the message and can prepare a response in advance.
For this, we have added a special animated message in which you will see how the user is writing to you in real time.
Once the user sends this message, it will disappear and appear as a normal received message:

👉🏻 This functionality works both ways.
When the client types a message via widget – you will see it in LiveChat, and when you reply to the client, he will see a message in the widget that you are writing to him:

This is a very important and powerful functionality that will allow you to surprise customers with the speed of response and communication on the same wave.

Such a cool and effective functionality is already waiting for you in JediDesk!

Test, try, use and increase your sales with JediDesk!

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