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Jedi Ivan

How to create a FAQ on the JediDesk service

🤔 What is knowledge base (FAQ)?Knowledge base are templates that your bot and widget will automatically send by keyword when a user types a typical question.The user either writes a question to the bot and receives a corresponding answer, or chooses the desired topic and

Interactive WhatsApp messages

What is interactive messages? WhatsApp Interactive Message is a WhatsApp Business API messaging feature with interactive buttons where app users can choose a response option to receive further information. This feature allows customers and companies to easily communicate their needs and respond to each other.

How to make a newsletter on the JediDesk service

Newsletters are a major marketing tool for keeping in touch with people who are interested in your business and business ideas.The JediDesk service offers a very simple and convenient way to send newsletter to your customers. 🇺🇦 Read in Ukrainian To create a newsletter through

How to create quick answers in JediDesk

🤔 What are quick answers?Quick replies are templates that you can send instead of manually writing typical responses for your users (such as a standard greeting or question). 🇺🇦 Read in Ukrainian Step 1: Open the “Automation” tab – “Quick answers” and click + Add

How to create a JediDesk widget

JediDesk offers a very easy way to create and customize your widget. Step 1: Open “Widget Settings“, сhoose English language for autofill widget form or fill all forms manually: Step 2: When you’re done designing your widget, click “Save” and copy the generated code to

How to create a chatbot in Viber

To create a chatbot on the Viber platform and connect it to the JediDesk service, you need to log in through the Viber website and create a bot. 🇺🇦 Read in Ukrainian Step 1: Log in to the Viber admin panel: Step 2: Open the

How to create a chatbot in Telegram

To create a chatbot on the Telegram platform and connect to the JediDesk service, you need to launch the @BotFather bot: 🇺🇦 Read in Ukrainian Step 1: Start the @BotFather bot with the /start command (or button) and select the /newbot command ❗️ Note: If

How to embed the JediDesk widget in WordPress

I. Widget settings Log in to JediDesk and follow the instructions for setting up the widget and creating chatbots on the Viber and Telegram platforms. II. Embedding a Widget on a site using WordPress: 1. Log in to WordPress. 2. In the left menu, select