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How to create quick answers in JediDesk

🤔 What are quick answers?
Quick replies are templates that you can send instead of manually writing typical responses for your users (such as a standard greeting or question).

🇺🇦 Read in Ukrainian

Step 1:

Open the “Automation” tab – “Quick answers” and click + Add the blank:

Fill in the template:

  • Code: add a conditional notation. For example, “001” or “hello_ua / hello_eng”, etc
  • Text: fill in your message template.

Click Save:

Step 2:

To send a quick reply to the user, write the code of your message through the # symbol in the message and choose the appropriate option:

The text will be automatically inserted into the message form. Click “Send”:

Done! Quick answers are ready to use! 💪🏻

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