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How to embed the JediDesk widget in OPENCART

I. Widget settings

Log in to JediDesk and follow the instructions for setting up the widget and creating chatbots on the Viber and Telegram platforms.

II. Embedding a Widget on a site using OPENCART:

💡 JediDesk widget code meets the same placement requirements as Google Analytics code. Therefore, it can be placed in this block both separately and together with the Google code. This does not cause a conflict or disruption of the site.

Go to Administration -> Modules and extensions and select the Analytics extension type.

Install Google Analytics and click the Edit button on the right:

2. Paste the code of your JediDesk widget, select the Enabled status and save the settings:

You can also insert the code via FTP, for this you need:

1. Go to the hosting of your site, or connect to the hosting via an FTP client and go to the directory: main_folder/themes/name of your template/footer.tpl :

2. Open the footer.tpl file in editor mode and insert the JediDesk widget code before the closing <body> tag and save the changes:

3. In some templates, the footer.tpl file is not connected to each page, then it is appropriate to use the header.tpl file from the directory: main folder/themes/your template name/header.tpl

You need to insert the JediDesk widget code in it before the closing <head> tag and save the changes.

Done! The widget is connected and ready to cooperate with OPENCART! 💪🏻

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