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How to make a newsletter on the JediDesk service

Newsletters are a major marketing tool for keeping in touch with people who are interested in your business and business ideas.
The JediDesk service offers a very simple and convenient way to send newsletter to your customers.

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To create a newsletter through JediDesk, open the “Newsletters” tab and click on the + Add newsletter button:

Then a window opens with the following forms:

  1. Text: write a message.
    You can use emoji. If you want to address the user by name, you can add the code {name} to the text.
  2. Choose the platform whose users will receive the newsletter – Telegram, Viber, or both messengers.
  3. Tags: If you have assigned relevant tags to your users, you can only send to relevant groups of people.
    To do this, select the necessary tag.
  4. Sending: click on the form to select the date and time of the newsletter on the calendar.
    If this is not necessary, check “Send now” if you want to send a newsletter right now.
  5. Image: Optionally, you can add an image to your newsletter.
    To delete an image, click the trash can button below the image.
Scheduled newsletter settings
Instant newsletter settings

❗️ Note: If you sent a newsletter with the “Send now” checkmark – you cannot cancel the sending of the message!

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