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How to properly communicate with customers in messengers

Hey there! Are you struggling to communicate with your customers in messengers? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’re going to give you some fun and quirky tips on how to properly communicate with your customers in messengers.

Be quick to respond
Okay, so you know how when you text your friend and they take ages to reply, it’s super annoying? Well, the same goes for your customers. They want answers and they want them now! Make sure you have a speedy response time so that you don’t leave your customers hanging.

Personalize your messages
Imagine texting someone and they respond with “Dear valued customer, thank you for contacting us”. Yikes! That’s not very personal, is it? Address your customers by their name and make them feel special. It’s like giving them a virtual high-five!

Use a conversational tone
When you’re chatting with your friends, you don’t use fancy words and formal language, do you? No way! You use a casual tone that’s easy to understand. Use the same approach when you’re chatting with your customers. You’ll be surprised at how much more relaxed and friendly the conversation will be.

Use emojis and GIFs appropriately
Who doesn’t love a good emoji or GIF? They add a fun and playful touch to your conversations. Just make sure you’re using them appropriately. Sending a thumbs up emoji to a customer who’s just complained about a product is a big no-no. Use them wisely and your customers will love you for it!

Keep it simple and concise
Have you ever received a text message that was longer than an essay? Yeah, it’s not a fun experience. Keep your messages short and sweet. Your customers will appreciate it and they’ll be more likely to respond quickly.

Provide helpful information
When your customers come to you for help, make sure you’re actually helping them. Don’t just give them generic responses that don’t actually address their concerns. Be specific and provide the information they need. That way, they’ll be happy and you’ll be happy too!

Be transparent
No one likes a liar, right? So be transparent with your customers. If there’s a problem, be honest about it. They’ll respect you for it and it’ll build trust between you and your customers.

Follow up
Last but not least, follow up with your customers. It’s like checking in on a friend after a night out. It shows that you care and that you value their opinion. Plus, it gives you a chance to ask for feedback and make improvements to your business.

So there you have it, folks! Follow these fun and quirky tips and you’ll be a messaging pro in no time. Happy chatting!

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