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Integration of chatbots and a widget with the JediDesk service

Integration of chatbots with the JediDesk service is very simple and will take less than 5 minutes!

🇺🇦 Read in Ukrainian

Step 1:
Choose a feedback method

JediDesk offers three methods of feedback:

  • Via chatbot in Telegram
  • Via chatbot in Viber
  • Via the JediDesk widget placed on your site

You can configure both all methods together, or just one to choose from.

Step 2:
Start the integration

Open the “Integrations” tab and follow the instructions according to your chosen feedback method.

All we need to integrate is your chatbot’s API!

If you haven’t created your bot yet, check out our quick instructions:

👉🏻 How to create a chatbot in Telegram
👉🏻 How to create a chatbot in Viber
👉🏻 How to create a JediDesk widget

Step 3:
Getting an API from a chatbot in Telegram

The @BotFather bot must be launched from the account (phone number) on which your chatbot was created.

Enter the /mybots command and select the bot you need for integration from the list.

Click on the API token button:

Click on the API, it will be copied automatically:

Step 4:
Getting an API from the chatbot in Viber

Web version:
Log in to the Viber admin panel.

In the upper left corner, click on the icon with your bot and copy the API token:

Mobile application:
In the “More” section, select “Settings – My bots”:

Select your bot, click “Edit info” and copy the API of your bot at the end of the list:

Step 5:

Paste the copied API of your bot into JediDesk, click Activate.

Done! The bot is integrated and ready to cooperate with JediDesk!💪🏻

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