Key features of #jedidesk

We support multiple platforms - you can connect all your socials to jedidesk


All channels in one place

Chat on the site will allow you to receive requests from the widget on the site and make instant responses. Viber and Telegram chat bots will allow you to communicate without leaving convenient messengers.


Unified Inbox

All messages in one place.


Instant Responses

Quick, automated replies.


Seamless Integration

Connect popular apps.



Responsive for on-the-go.


Convenient interface for the manager

    All requests on one screen. Add managers to the project and instantly process requests from your customers.

    The following functionality will make the manager's work more effective:

  • Receive notifications of new requests
  • Use ready-made message templates
  • Send files and photos in a few clicks
  • Automatic responses relieve your manager
  • Create your own response templates
  • Tag users and create groups

Ready support system made easy:

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Increase the volume of sales at the expense of the client base

Keep your customers' contacts in a single system. Through the chatbot functionality, save and tag users to create a more personalized newsletter.

When creating a newsletter, choose a group of users and create your unique promotional posts. Send a newsletter with an 85% chance of opening the message

Consolidated Contacts

Personalized newsletters from a single system

High Open Rate

85% chance of message opening



    Reporting to help you plan and improve team productivity. Analyze your team's productivity on one screen, anywhere.

    With #jedianalytics, you can easily track:

  • Peak support time
  • Team productivity indicators
  • Request volumes
  • Response time

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Contact support

Support chatbots are a communication tool between your managers and the client. There are some automation elements, but no direct sales functionality at the moment.

Yes of course. Please email sales@jedidesk.com to discuss this.

No, unfortunately, messengers do not transmit such data.

Yes of course. You can add any media file to the message, and if the client sends any information, you can read or view it.

At the moment, we process your requests during working hours: from 10:00 to 19:00. If the message is received after 17:00 then we can process it by 12:00 the next day.

We save all history and store it in your account until you manually delete it or stop using the service.

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