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JediDesk is a solution for instant messenger responses. Process requests via chat on the site, Telegram and Viber bots.

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How JediDesk AI is working.

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Benefits of using JediDesk AI

Customer support using JediDesk AI
  • 24/7 without days off
  • Instant replies
  • Multilingual
  • Reduction of staff costs
  • AI learns and improves over time
  • Standard responses and query approach
  • Collection and analysis of data to improve the service
  • Automatic execution of routine tasks
Customer support without using JediDesk AI
  • Only during business hours
  • Operator workload
  • Limited knowledge of employees
  • Limited by operator language
  • Limited resources of operators
  • Requires constant staff training
  • Each operator has a different approach to questions
  • Dependence on the efficiency of employees

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Complete a table of common questions and answers that your customers often ask to improve the effectiveness of AI responses.


Specify conditions

Set the criteria and conditions under which requests are automatically sent to the operator.



Benefit from working with JediDesk AI and constantly improve it for better results


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Support chatbots are a communication tool between your managers and the client. There are some automation elements, but no direct sales functionality at the moment.

Yes of course. Please email sales@jedidesk.com to discuss this.

No, unfortunately, messengers do not transmit such data.

Yes of course. You can add any media file to the message, and if the client sends any information, you can read or view it.

At the moment, we process your requests during working hours: from 10:00 to 19:00. If the message is received after 17:00 then we can process it by 12:00 the next day.

We save all history and store it in your account until you manually delete it or stop using the service.

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